ATTENTION! Due to the Covid-19 Situation, Mustbe Cowork is closed, soon we will have more news.

ATENÇÃO! Devido à Situação Covid-19, Mustbe Cowork está encerrado, em breve teremos mais notícias.

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If you have the energy to co-create something and the attitude to co-sell it, this Mustbe your marketplace

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Located near Campo Pequeno, one of the best business districts in Lisbon

Mustbe Coworking

arrives hungry for new entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and co-creators!

We offer a 450m2 coworking marketplace, with great visual, cool people and amazing experience

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In order to create something legendary

We mustbe talkers

We mustbe walkers

We mustbe interactive

We mustbe brave

We mustbe courageous

Mustbe, the marketplace for co———creators.

Avenida Marquês de Tomar, 92c - 1050-157, Lisboa

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What is our marketplace?

Mustbe Cowork goes far beyond a typical workspace. It connects people from different areas in a laid-back and collaborative environment, while also providing a complete and active network for business development.

We are a community of entrepreneurs, nomads, communicators, business-owners, investors, freelancers and artists.

The marketplace concept is based on 3 pillars:

- Content production, sharing knowledge with the community. (Content)

- Develop a relationship between people and generate business opportunities among the members. (Networking)

- Visibility and promotion for brands (Communication)

Our marketplace has a platform that facilitates visibility, communication, and transactions between users. We don’t own inventory. Instead, our marketplace provides the means for people to find each other and complete a transaction. For that we give you the opportunity to pitch your business, engage with partners and future clients and help you giving visibility to the market.Be part of our community today!

Mustbe , the Marketplace for co--creators

Mustbe Community

All members of Mustbe are part of our community and have exclusive access to benefits offered by our partners. What makes us special is our diverse community and the spirit of work and growth we develop in our daily basis. Here are some of our community events:

- Happy hours: Drink a beer, listen to music and exchange some business cards in a casual way with other people from the community

- Networking: We love to hear about your business, let's talk and see how it goes.

- Community Garden: Our rooftop is ready to receive some fruits and vegetables grown by our own coworkers

- Lunches and dinners: Once a month we have a special meal with everyone


Dedicated Desk (Resident): Our Resident plan gives you an dedicated desk, with 24/7 access to your own spot in the selected location inside Mustbe, plus access to any common areas, 10 hours of meeting rooms, phone booth, marketplace, rooftop and exclusive events.

Nomadic: The most flexible plan at Mustbe, you can choose up to 15 days to work per month, including 10h of meeting rooms, access to any common areas, phone booth, marketplace, rooftop and exclusive events.

Virtual Office: Our Virtual Office or PO box solutions include mail and package handling, Telephone answering and personal assistant services, including all access to events and our marketplace.

Private Office: We provide an operational office space that can be customized for your company or startup! You can access your space 24/7, including Internet, cleaning, utilities, printing, and 10h meeting room credits are included.

Auditorium and Meeting Room: We have a full equipped auditorium, up to 40 people for events and a meeting room for meetings and conferences.

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Mustbe Cowork elected by TNW and FDi one

of the best coworking spaces in Lisbon!

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Time for guts

Our manifest

When you don´t wake up with butterflies in your stomach; when you can guess what everyone is saying; when you go to work on Monday dreaming about Friday; when your politically correct speech does not follow the truth of your thoughts; when you realize you are always the smartest person in the room; it Mustbe time to have guts and connect your brain to your heart.

It may disturb you; it may worry you; it may bother you; but if you always have the perfect argument not to change, it Mustbe time to change to us.

We don´t believe in clichés, nor do we believe in common places. If you have a magnet that compels you to that magical feeling of doing something new, it Mustbe time to join us.

We don´t believe in isolated words; we put words on top of each other until they build conversations. We don´t feed blah blah blah chats; we turn conversations into events. If you´re looking for a partner to make your ideas grow, this Mustbe the place to start.If you have everything you need and the only thing you lack is courage, it Mustbe awesome to look back and see what you have accomplished.

We believe in the power of the collective when it´s founded in the power of joint creation.

If you have the energy to co-create something and the attitude to co-sell it,

this Mustbe your marketplace.

Mustbe, the marketplace for co-creators